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Mar 24 2020 | India | Advertising | News


BioTech Magazine has various position opening at our office, all the biotech professional, life science professional and physical sciences professional with a excellent writing experiences and who are interested to make career in the field of science writing can apply for these positions below.

Fresher who has good writing skill and who want to make a career in scientific writing are encourages to apply to career section of BioTech Magazine.



Opening positions


1. Junior Editor (No. Post -3)

2. Excutive Editor (No. Post -2)

3. Assistant Editor (No. Post -2)

4. Science correspondent (No. Post -3)

5. Editorial Desk (No. Post -1)

6. Graphic Designer (No. Post -1)

7. Web Designer (No. Post -1)

8. Marketing Excutive (No. Post -3)

Drop your CV/Resumes to our HR-Dept. –


BioTech Magazine
HR-Dept. Team












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